Thursday, October 11, 2007

Working conditions

The condition of working in this office is deplorable. Its about 50 degrees in here. During the warmer days, which last until today, I would go outside to warm up. Its still warmer out there than it is in here, but its also raining. I have multiple sweaters at my desk, and this weekend im going to pick up a space heater. Fucking rediculous.

Also, lunch time. At Questex, we had 1 micowave, and 1 fridge. The office was also about 4 times the size of this one. So why is it that here, with 2 fridges, 3 micowaves, and a toaster oven, its impossible for me to eat lunch at a reasonable hour? (reasonable being between 12-1:30) People are cooking 3 course meals in there! wtf?!

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Anonymous said...

yack, yack. 8 days!