Tuesday, July 31, 2007



Monday, July 23, 2007

New job!

I finally got the offer from Interweave Press today! Im totally stoked, Associate Art Director of Step-by-Step Beads!


Did someone say dream job?! not really, but it's a really cool company, its a small mom and pop type of thing. All craft magazines, you can buy Step-By-Step Beads in AC Moore and places like that.

This is a HUGE step up for me, at Travel Agentbullshit, I was junior designer. Now, Im in charge of an actual magazine from cover to cover. I get a photographer once a week, you know, to take pictures of beads and stuff. Im excited.
The whole B-2-B thing sucks. The circulation of the magazine has nothing to do with the design or having and eye catching cover, so no one in these companies has the drive to really create good design. I've been freelancing at NAPCO, another B-2-B publisher, and they suck too.

Two exciting posts in one day! with visual aids!

My house is getting a mural!

I found out today that my house, well, this 6 foot wall thats attatched to the back of my porch, is getting a mosaic by this guy:


Heres some photos of his work:



If you have ever been to Philly, I'm sure you've seen some of his stuff around town, It's just about everywhere. Theres a lot particularly in the South St. area.

check out more here:

when I get home Ill see what the progress is and maybe take some pictures.