Sunday, June 10, 2007

New house!

Its been about three weeks since I moved, so I figured Ill tell you all a little about my new home! I was gonna take pictures, but its still kind of a just-moved-in mess. I have the pictures that the landlord took, so here you go...

The house is really beautiful. This was the kind of place that I was dreaming of in Brooklyn, and I probably never would have been able to find. Its located in South Philly, right around the corner from the Italian Market. The block itself is a garden block, its small, you cant really drive down it, and in the middle of the two alley-sized roads is Paolone Park. Which used to be old crappy houses and after there were torn down, the people who live here took it upon themselves to make it a park. It even as a website!
So far, I absolutly love it here. Its a small community within a major city. It doesnt even feel like its a city, everyone just sits out on the porches and hangs out and they have a block party every month. Im just thrilled to have neighbors that arent old drunk polish dudes.

Im still on the job search, and Im really not having much luck. Its kinda frustrating, but Im sure itll all work out.

Im not really sure why I tagged this in the "Boyfriend Season" topic, but eh, why not?

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Josh said...

the place is the hotness. i'm excited for you. chin up on the job search. maybe you will find a boyfriend that will get you a job, or a job will get you a boyfriend.